let us say no to teen Cyberbullying!
What should you do when that happens?
What should you do when that happens?

What should you do when that happens?

Despite the precautions you have taken for your children, there is no denying that your children are at risk of cyberbullying due to the ubiquitous presence of Internet in our lives. If that happens, what can you do as a parent?

  • Listen carefully to your child’s story.

You need to really listen to your child and hear what they have to say about the cyberbullying they’re experiencing. Because they will be dissatisfied, angry, and chagrin when they face the attacks and insults on the Internet, you need to heal their hurt hearts with warm words and actions.

  • Ask for more help.

Sometimes your love for your child will not heal the wounds of cyberbullying. If this happens, unfortunately, you should ask for professional help in time. For example, you could hire a counselor for your child, or you could arrange for your child to attend offline activities to care for victims of cyberbullying. All of these behaviors can help restore health and happiness to your child.

  • You should be on the “front line.”

When your child is being cyberbullied, you should take the initiative to defend your child against cyberbullies. And you should be on social networks where your child is being bullied, to dispel rumors and advocate for their rights. You need to make your child feel that there is a solid shield in front of them, and as long as there is a shield, they will not come to harm again!

  • Promptly report.

There’s no denying that sometimes the scale and form of cyberbullying gets out of your control. In this case, you should report these behaviors to the relevant authorities in a timely manner. For example, if the group of cyberbullies is in your child’s school, you can report the behavior to the school. If there are groups of cyberbullies in society, you can choose to report them to the local police. Please believe in the effect of these actions, because the Internet is not a place of lawlessness!

The methods described above can be one of your options. But whichever way you choose, the first thing you need to understand is that as a victim of cyberbullying, your child did not make a mistake, and you should not blame them or let them down. The people who are really making mistakes are the ones who are committing cyberbullying!

The motivation of these cyberbullies is to seek confidence and satisfaction. Many of them are not happy in real life, so they choose to criticize and smear others on the Internet to satisfy themselves. As a vulnerable group in the network, teenagers naturally become the target of cyberbullies.

Of course, this is not true of all cyberbullies. Some cyberbullies are teenagers who inadvertently cause cyberbullying on others when they express their emotions and opinions on the Internet. This is because their cognition of the behavior is not sound, they do not know that they have become a cyberbully.

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