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This module will introduce the types of pets that people are currently used to keeping around the world and provide a primer on how pet keepers can choose the right pet for them. It is divided into three main sections: dogs, cats and exotic pets.


What should a competent pet keepers be aware of? Do cats and dogs have the same needs? This module will introduce this section. Please note that whatever the pet, the most important thing is never to give them up once you have chosen them.


There are many abandoned animals in the world who, for various reasons, have gone from being domestic pets to strays and are not only in danger themselves, but also have a negative impact on society. Adopting instead of buying is a call that is increasingly being accepted.


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The importance of pets in human life

Owning a pet has many benefits for people


Pets, as our human companion animals, are a source of happiness and healthy life for humans. Keeping pets can make people’s lives healthier and more fulfilled. Pets can bring unlimited fun, become a source of happiness and joy, and promote people. Perform physical exercises and provide opportunities for people to communicate with each other.

Keeping a pet in an increasingly competitive society can provide moral support, especially in times of shock, and through communication with the pet dog, it can contribute to the mental health of the owner and reduce the various unnecessary stresses that arise in life, thus increasing the efficiency of work.


It is good for the physical and mental well-being of elderly people who live alone and makes life more fulfilling for them through interaction with their pets. Dogs are the perfect companion for people who live alone. A trained companion pet can act as a timely alarm in the event of an accident at home, such as a sudden stroke or heart attack, for single elderly people.

Owning a pet can develop responsible and loving children and social skills. The child will play a positive role in raising the dog. Furthermore, dogs are widely used by psychologists to heal or help children or adults with problems. Owning a small dog will bring a sense of responsibility to children from an early age.

A few reasons why people have pets

See if you would choose to have a pet for these reasons


When coming home from work after a busy day, many people are left to face a cold home. Keeping a pet to keep you company and give you constant warmth is the reason why many people have a pet.

A sense of responsibility

Once a pet is owned, the keeper must take responsibility for it. No matter what the reason is, one cannot abandon their pet. So when you own a pet, you will be filled with a sense of responsibility.


Pets are a great way to talk about the stress of working in the city. They are incredibly loyal to their owners and will go out of their way to comfort them when they are aggrieved.


Cuteness and beauty are definitely the reasons why many people want to own a pet in the first place, and nowadays there are often bloggers on social media posting cute pictures or videos of their pets, which attracts a lot of attention.