Learn more about sinking city and its situation

It was written in the news that Jakarta, India, is one of the fastest sinking countries in the world. People there are facing an existential crisis because of the sinking of their homes. In fact, many coastal cities are facing a sinking crisis more or less. Although the country we live in does not seem to feel the serious surface subsidence, in fact, the crisis brought by the surface subsidence needs our attention.

People on the earth are a whole in themselves. Agriculture, commerce, and industry that affect the whole body will also be negatively affected by the subsidence of the earth’s surface. Many of our wasteful behaviors have exacerbated the seriousness of the subsidence.

The main purpose of this website is to let you understand the reasons for the subsidence of the ground and its impact on people. It is also the focus of my discussion to reduce the subsidence of the ground by doing what you can. A green lifestyle seems to be a good way. How to contribute to the environment in which we live, although there is no standard answer, this website will put forward ideas, hope you can get inspiration from it.

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