Welcome to Sola Travel!

Calling all females…

Always thought of travelling solo but don’t feel like you have the confidence to take the plunge? 

Do you worry about the dangers of going it alone?

Or maybe you can’t wait to jump on the next plane, but have no idea what it’s really like to travel on your own?

If this sounds like you, we’ve got you covered!

Sola Travel is here to give you an inside look into travelling alone as a female.

We know making the decision to see the world sola is a big decision and can be one full of doubts… so we are here to help with support, advice and a little inspiration to get you started on your journey to the best adventure of your life… let’s go!

Words from other sola travellers

“Travelling alone changed my life”

“It gave me confidence to be myself”

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Need inspiration?

As well as showing you the possibilities of travelling sola, we also want to help you have an adventure best suited to you.