Do you know that?

Every year at least 14 million tonnes of plastic end up in the ocean.
Over 700 species of marine animals have eaten or become entangled in plastic.
73% of the world’s beach litter is plastic waste…

What is plastic? and plastic pollution?

Plastic is a remarkable man-made material. Its low manufacturing costs and durability make it easily accessible in every corner of our lives. Your chair, your lamp, your water bottle, your mobile phone are all made of plastic.

plastic products

We can’t say that plastic is a bad thing. It has helped to make many important things, such as bicycle helmets, sports knee pads, and many medical supplies.

The problem is that more plastic is produced than we need, and half of the plastic we produce is designed to be single-use plastic. This single-use plastic is used to make a variety of items such as shopping bags, straws, food packaging etc. Since plastic takes over 400 years to break down, it will remain in nature for a long time and is damaging to the environment.

Why is ocean plastic pollution a problem?

Most of the plastic we don’t need goes into the oceans. The marine environment is polluted by plastic and wildlife is threatened by it.

What can we do?

say no to single-use plastic

Use eco-friendly shopping bag

Say no to single-use plastic products

Make new toys from plastic waste

reusable contaianers

Use reusable containers

Recyle single-use bottles

Participate in volunteer activities

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