Fantastic Four

"Fantastic Four" is in the house from 28/03-12/04 Greenwich Picturehouse is proud to announce the first screening of "Fantastic Four" on 28/03 at 20:00. You cannot make it? No worries! We'll be hosting it for 2 weeks period, for more details go to info.

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Timothy Kevin Story is an American director, producer, and writer. He is the founder of The Story Company, an entertainment production company that he started with his wife in 1996.

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Main Actors

Ioan Gruffudd Reed Richards(Msr Fantastic) portrayed by Ioan Gruffudd acts as the leader and father figure of the Fantastic Four, and although his cosmic ray powers are primarily stretching abilities, his presence on the team is heavily defined by his scientific acumen, as he is officially acknowledged as the smartest man in the Marvel Universe.This is particularly a point of tragedy in regards to his best friend, Ben Grimm, who he has constantly tried to turn back into his human form but typically remains a large, rocky creature called the Thing. He is the loving husband of Susan Storm and mentor of his brother-in-law, Johnny Storm.

Michael ChiklisBen Grimm(The Thing) portrayed by Ben Grimm is a grumpy but benevolent friend, a former college football star and Reed's college roommate as well as a good pilot, who possesses tremendous superhuman strength, durability, and endurance due to the nature of his stone-like flesh.

Jessica AlbaSue Storm(Invisible Woman) portayed by Jessica Alba, received her powers by being exposed to a cosmic storm. She possesses two powers: invisibility and force fields. Her invisibility power deals with bending light waves and allows her to render herself and other objects invisible. She can also project powerful fields of invisible psionic, hyperspace-based energy that she uses for a variety of offensive and defensive effects, including shields, blasts, explosions, and levitation. Richards plays a central role in the lives of her hot-headed younger brother Johnny Storm, her brilliant husband Reed Richards and her close friend Ben Grimm.

Chris Evans Johnny Storm(Human Torch) portrayed by Chris Evans. Like the rest of the Fantastic Four, Johnny gained his powers on a spacecraft bombarded by cosmic rays. He can engulf his entire body in flames, fly, absorb fire harmlessly into his own body, and control any nearby fire by sheer force of will. "Flame on!," which the Torch customarily shouts when activating his full-body flame effect, has become his catchphrase.The youngest of the group, he is brash and impetuous in comparison to his reticent, overprotective and compassionate older sister, Susan Storm, his sensible brother-in-law, Reed Richards, and the grumbling Ben Grimm.

Julian McMahonVictor Von Doom portrayed by Julian McMahon, overcame his difficult childhood to become one of the world’s most brilliant scientists—though, at every turn, he saw his achievements outdone by Reed Richards.