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An Excellent Achievement! Bravo!

This is a brilliant film and a wonderful achievement! Tom Hanks is absolutely awesome as Forrest Gump. PARENTS: In my opinion, I believe this should have been rated R for War Violence and Images, Sexuality, brief Nudity, Language, and some Drug Use. It contains particularly graphic war violence and peril, frequent sexual themes, nudity, language, and some strong depictions of drug use. Despite it's violent and sexual content, it is a beautiful movie, and it should be viewed by everyone at some point. Thanks for reading - Movie Man

Written by Movie Man

Forest Gump Review

This movie was in each and every way magnificent! The way it could bring so many emotions to you in just one movie it was fantastic. I cried, I laughed, I smiled. Just amazing! This movie also brought such amazing messages and qualities to you.

Written by Igzy_bomb

One of the most iconic movies of all time, but absurdly sentimental

Forrest Gump is a mentally challenged well-meaning man... Who by a series of unending improbable coincidences ends up becoming an extremely famous and rich man... And as part of the film's sentimental tone... Remains humble throughout the entirety of his life.

Nearly every scene of this movie contains memorable cinematography, dialogue, and acting... But the absurdly impeccable character of Forrest seems to just serve as a harbinger of its feel-good bittersweet story... Like something out of a Disney story.

Tom Hanks does provide an exceptional performance in this film and handles every scene with unmatched professionalism. He really is what gives this film life.

Written by schizoidnightmares

Fantastic Movie!!!

This is a fantastic movie, moving and educational this deserves to be on everyone's top 10. There is no violence, but some of the main characters die and this is very sad. There is some minor language such as sh-t and 1 instance of F--K YEAH!!! Jenny works as a stripper at one point and has sex with forrest, but you don't see anything. This still to this day is a firm family favorite.

Written by Gimmick

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