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Picturehouse Cinemas


Season of Horror

Site Credits

This is a student website created for the Applied Art for the Web module, part of the master's degree in Web Design and Content Planning at the University of Greenwich.

The design and production of the website is entirely the original work of the student, with the exception of various graphical and textual content. Original work created by other authors is credited below where possible, but some remain anonymous because these assets have been sourced from Internet search engines.

All such material is used for academic purposes only, in accordance with adaptation guidelines issued by WIPO and excepted under UK law. No copyright or trademark infringement is intended and all original intellectual property rights are respected.

Picturehouse Cinemas

Picturehouse Cinemas are used as the basis for a fictional promotional campaign called Season of Horror to market a re-release of a series of films. The choice of host serves as an ideal real world example only and is not actually associated or sanctioned by Picturehouse Cinemas Ltd. Their logo was reproduced and About Us text reconstituted from the actual Picturehouse website.

Alien: Isolation

Promotional images and scenes from the video game Alien: Isolation were used for the background graphics of this website as original artwork to represent the film that inspired the video game.


Montserrat, Oswald and Julius Sans One designed by authors hosted on Google Fonts and provided under the Open Font License.

Alien Resurrection designed by Jens R. Ziehn and Alien League designed by Iconian Fonts and hosted on OnlineWebFonts.


Social media, map and information icons designed by various authors hosted on Flaticon and provided under the License Agreement for Flaticon Content.

Picturehouse Cinemas (excluding favicon), Google Play Store, and Apple App Store logos and icons originally created by the student using Inkscape software by patterning images obtained on the Web.