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Picturehouse Cinemas


Season of Horror

July - September

Experience horror classics from both the science-fiction and super-natural genres again on the big screen as they were meant to be seen! A new film releases each week starting on Wednesdays with shows from midday to midnight!

Available at all Picturehouse cinemas in the London area. Screens available and time slots are limited, so check back regularly to book your tickets in advance. Make sure you don’t miss out!

Film Schedule

Week Films Status
Jul 07 - Jul 13 Event Horizon Shows Ended
Jul 14 - Jul 20 Sphere Shows Ended
Jul 21 - Jul 27 The Fly Fully Booked
Jul 28 - Aug 03 Alien Booking Now
Aug 04 - Aug 10 The Thing Coming Soon
Aug 11 - Aug 17 Pitch Black Coming Soon
Aug 18 - Aug 24 Blair Witch Coming Soon
Aug 25 - Aug 31 TBA TBA
Sep 01 - Sep 07 TBA TBA
Sep 08 - Sep 14 TBA TBA
Sep 15 - Sep 21 TBA TBA
Sep 22 - Sep 28 TBA TBA

About Us

Picturehouse Cinemas are a group of 26 neighbourhood cinemas in the United Kingdom, operated by Picturehouse Cinemas Ltd. We love cinemas. Nested in the heart of their neighbourhoods, each of our cinemas are distinct, welcoming, full of personality and run by welcoming and attentive staff.

We don't just screen excellent films. We provide places to eat, meet and relax and host a busy calendar of events for everyone to explore. Our range of films is broad and carefully curated by a team of passionate programmers spanning quality mainstream, indie, family, foreign language and documentary films.

We believe cinema can change lives and broaden perspectives. Catering to a diverse and inclusive audience is part of our DNA. We know that our communities make us and we champion films made for all ages, backgrounds and walks of life, knowing that the best kind of cinema is made for all.