A dahsboard of a vintage convertible car on front of a large cinema screen. Grease film logo on screen with some details of when and where the viewing is taking place

Grease – A drive in movie on Friday the 22nd April at 7pm in the sunset theatre, Acton

Grease drive in movie. Friday 22nd April at 7pm. Sunset drive in theatre, Acton

You're the one that we want!

Put on your leather jackets, your poodle skirts, hop in your car and drive on down to West London's drive in movie experience. Directed by Randal Kleiser. Produced by Robert Stigwood and Allan Carr.


Photograph of actor John Travolta dressed as Danny from Grease

John Travolta

Photograph of actress Olivia Newton-John dressed as Sandy from Grease


Photgraph of actress Didi Conn dressed as Frenchy from Grease

Didi Conn

Critically Acclaimed...

“One of the best musicals brought to the big screen.”

Derek Malcolm, The Guardian.

Poster from the original Grease film. Sandy standing closely on front of Dannny with her right hand on his left shoulder while smiling at the camera. Danny with his face turned sideward looking at the camera also.

The Story

With the summer of 1958 nearly at its end, Danny, the sweet American boy, and Sandy, the straight–laced Aussie girl, exchange oaths of eternal devotion, and part ways forever. However, unbeknownst to them, an unexpected change of plans will reunite the young dreamers at the bustling Rydell High. Will they be able to rekindle their romance?

Old picture of vintage cars queing to enter the sunset drive in theatre. Cars can be seen parked inside in the distance.

A unique Setting in West London

Sunset Cinema is an all American inspired vintage Drive-In movie experience. Cinema knows no quarantine, and we welcome you to join us in a unique setting in West London. We will be screening some of the best feel good flicks, classics and cult films, accompanied by incredible food, cocktails and more...