A dahsboard of a vintage convertible car on front of a large cinema screen. Grease film logo on screen with some details of when and where the viewing is taking place

Grease – A drive in movie on Friday the 22nd April at 7pm in the sunset theatre, Acton

Book your tickets now. Musical entertainment and delicious snacks and drinks

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Friday 22nd April

7pm 7pm

Saturday 23rd April

6pm 9pm

Sunday24th April

5pm 8pm

Ticket Prices

Adults £8.00

Children £5.00

Students $5.50

Senior Citizens £6.00

Twyford Avenue Sports Ground, Twyford Avenue, Acton

1850 3000 0250


Image of outdoor theatre. Cars can be seen parked on front of a screen. There appears to be a war movie being shown.

Sunset Theatre Action

Located in a beautiful and unique West London setting, the nostalgic Sunset Cinema opened its doors on 14th June 1945. Featuring London's biggest screen and with two screenings each evening, Sunset Cinema is the perfect night out or date spot to watch your favorite movies from the privacy and comfort of your own vehicle. The sound will come through your car's radio.

Prior to films, there will also be musical entertainment to transport guests back in time with American style burgers, shakes, snacks and drinks available to pre–order– to be collected on arrival. Guests will be emailed with a menu to pre-book food and drink.