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Pirates Of The Caribbean - Movie Reviews

Johnny Depp is fantastic!

Awesome action and swashbuckling adventure, great music from the likes of Hans Zimmer, good visuals and Johnny Depp's hilarious improvisational performance as Captain Jack Sparrow (the other performances are good as well but Depp's the highlight and you damn well know it) make the first Pirates of the Caribbean adventure a fun action flick that's not only a great first non-Touchstone/Hollywood Pictures/pre-2006 Miramax & Dimension PG-13 Disney movie but also a much better movie than a movie based off of a THEME PARK RIDE has the right to be.

"You better start believing in ghost stories. You're in one."

If there was a minor quibble with the movie, it is that it is a little overlong. Putting that aside, this is a truly wonderful film, that is definitely one of the highlights of 2003. The whole film is a wonder to look at, with splendid costumes and very realistic sets. The script is just a gem, with classic and original lines like "Stop blowing holes in my ship," that sometimes have you in gales of laughter. I did find the pirates as skeletons quite frightening though. Films that have scared me are The Mummy and Pitch Black. The performances were first-rate, especially Johnny Depp in possibly his best performance. His character Jack Sparrow is a somewhat charming, likable rogue, and Depp pulled him off to perfection.