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In collaboration with Picture House, Indian cinema presents Hindi-language science fiction film "Koi....Mil Gaya" which in English means "I have found someone..." The movie will be completing 19 years this August and therefore there is a special screening for one weekend in London at Picture House. From August 5 till August 8, 2022 at Picture House, London.

The Story

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The film Koi... Mil Gaya, directed by Rakesh Roshan, tells the narrative of Rohit Mehra, who proves that friendship is genuinely universal. Sanjay Mehra is a physicist who is fascinated with making contact with aliens. He invents a slew of novel devices until he finally succeeds in building a computer that can send communications into space. When a spaceship appears in the sky in response to his signals, his foresight becomes a reality. However, before Sanjay can enjoy his triumph, he and his wife Sonia are involved in a tragic accident in which Sonia lives but Sanjay dies.