Sass for Web Designers

by Dan Cederholm

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Let’s face it: CSS is hard. Our stylesheets are more complex than they used to be, and we’re bending the spec to do as much as it can. Can Sass help?

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Book information

  • Paperback: 97 pages
  • Published: Nov 13, 2013
  • ISBN: 978-1-9375571-2-6


A reluctant convert to Sass, Dan Cederholm shares how he came around to the popular CSS pre-processor, and provides a clear-cut path to taking better control of your code (all the while working the way you always have). From getting started to advanced techniques, Dan will help you level up your stylesheets and instantly start taking advantage of the power of Sass.

Author of the book

Dan Cederholm is a designer, author, and speaker living in Salem, Massachusetts. He’s the co-founder of Dribbble, a community for designers, and Founder of SimpleBits, a tiny design studio.

A long-time advocate of web standards design, Dan has worked with YouTube, Microsoft, Google, MTV, ESPN and others. He’s written several popular books about web design, and received a TechFellow award in early 2012.

He’s currently an aspiring clawhammer banjoist and occasionally wears a baseball cap.


Dan has crafted an informative, concise introduction to all things Sass. Even better, it’s written by someone who has heavily influenced my career with his previous books.
Hampton Catlin, creator of Sass and author of The Pragmatic Guide to Sass.
Dan has succeeded in making the getting started guide that Sass has always needed.
Chris Eppstein, co-creator of Sass.
Many of us have hesitated to try out Sass. Hesitate no more! Dan succinctly explores the world of Sass: how to get started, how it can help your workflow, and all the awesomeness in-between.
Jenn Lukas, front-end consultant & creator of Ladies in Tech.
With a curiosity for pre-processors, this book has really helped me to start learning how to utilise Sass into my web development workflow.
James Loveridge, an aspiring front-end developer.

Table of contents

  1. Why Sass?
  2. Sass Workflow
  3. Using Sass
  4. Sass and Media Queries

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