Insites: The Book – 20 Deeply Personal Conversations
With The Biggest Names In The Web Community.

So Why Buy The Book ? Insites: The Book is a beautiful, limited
edition, 256-page book presented in a numbered, foil-blocked
presentation box.

Inside the book, you’ll find 256 pages (on silk-coated 140gsm stock)
packed full of the secrets of our industry’s very best designers,
developers and entrepreneurs.


Jason Santa Maria

One of today’s pioneers in web and interactive design. He recently founded his own studio, Mighty, as well as serves as the creative director for Typekit.

Cameron Moll

Respected designer, speaker, and author. He never took the traditional path to design. He didn’t go to design school nor taken any design classes.

Ethan Marcotte

One of today’s pioneers in web and interactive design and the author of responsive web design. He pioneered the term responsive design.

Alex Hunter

An independent brand consultant who was previously Head of Online Marketing for the Virgin Group. Alex now advises start-ups on strategy and business plans.

Brendan Dawes

Brendan Dawes is a designer and artist exploring the interaction of objects, people, technology and art using an eclectic mix of digital and analog materials.

Simon Collison

Designer, author and speaker with a decade of experience at the sharp end. He co-founded Erskine Design back in 2006, but left in early 2010 to pursue new and exciting challenges.

Dan Rubin

Dan is a designer, photographer, and founder / creative director of webgraph, a multi-disciplinary studio based in the US.

Andy McLoughlin

Co-founder of Huddle, the enterprise cloud collaboration company. Huddle is used by more than 100,000 businesses worldwide.

Daniel Burka

Co-founded the mobile incubator Milk, which was acquired by Google. He's best known for his work with web groundbreaker Mozilla.

Jeffrey Zeldman

Entrepreneur, web designer, author, podcaster and founder of the web design studio Happy Cog.

Tim Van Damme

Former freelance web designer. Tim started working for Dropbox as a mobile product designer. Prior to that, he worked for Instagram and Gowalla.

Jon Hicks

English designer who owns his own design studio, Hicksdesign. Hicks is best known for creating the Firefox logo into its final form.

Josh Brewer

Designer and co-creator of 52 Weeks Of UX and Ffffallback, he was most recently Principal Designer at Twitter.

Ron Richards

Co-founder of Created the top audio podcast and Internet video show about comic books.

Daniel Burka

Founder & 1/3 of Paravel, a small web shop based in Texas. He has been working on the web since 2002.

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