Mobile First

by Luke Wroblewski

This book is really just a small, simple idea. But like many other simple ideas before it, this idea has deep and far-reaching implications. It changes how we define the personal computer and how we use the web

Your time is precious so this book is short and to the point. The first section outlines why a mobile first approach for websites and applications makes sense now. The second section details how designing mobile web experiences is different (from designing desktop web experiences) so you can take what you know about designing for the web and get started on mobile today.

You won't find any code in this book; there are manu programmers out there who can provide better advice on mobile development than I can. What you will find is a business case for mobile first and many design patterns and best practices that you can continue coming back to as you design and develop mobile web experiences.


Additional Information

Luke Wroblewski

Luke Wroblewski is a data guy, so let's check the stats. He has personally written 1372 articles, given 190 presentations, and authored three books on mobile and web usability, interaction, and design, his latest and (I think) most important being Mobile First. If that kind of output leaves you unimpressed, consider that Luke did all this writing in his free time, while emplyed as digital product design lead for some of the biggest companies on the internet—and occasionally at his own startups.

This highly accomplished, green-shirted, plain-spoken designer has spent the past several years focusing intensely on the mobile experience. That is lucky for him, as mobile is where the whole web and world are going in headlong rush. It's even luckier for you and me, because Luke not only knows mobile inside-out and backwards, he's also a brilliant designer who puts the user first. Plus he's a heck of a great communicator. Luke writes from a foundation of 16 years of thought leadership and digital product design execution—not to mention the absorbtion of thousands of white papers, internal reports, articles, books, and lectures. And he has poured what he knows into every page of Mobile First.

— Jeffrey Zeldman

What people say

Our industry’s long wait for the complete, strategic guide to mobile web design is finally over. Former Yahoo! design architect and co-creator of Bagcheck Luke Wroblewski knows more about mobile experience than the rest of us, and packs all he knows into this entertaining, to-the-point guidebook. Its data-driven strategies and battle tested techniques will make you a master of mobile—and improve your non-mobile design, too!

— Jeffrey Zeldman, Author, Founder of Happy Cog

Luke doesn’t just rely on his wondrous wit and marvellous writing style to make an overwhelmingly convincing argument for designing the mobile experience first; he also hammers home all of his points with oodles and oodles of scrumptious data.

— Jeremy Keith, Author, HTML5 for Web Designers

By coupling insightful design patterns to common-sense principles, Luke’s ‘Mobile First’ is the beginning of a quiet revolution, its title the rallying cry that should be on the lips of every web designer.

— Ethan Marcotte, Author, Responsive Web Design

This is the update to ‘Mobile Web Design’ I wish I’d written. It’s a concise opus filled to the brim with great examples of mobile design, supported by sound advice, research, and tips from Mr. W himself.

— Cameron Moll, Founder, Authentic Jobs

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