Developed the Stimuli Architecture Optimization concept. An approach to teaching and interpreting Marketing without the noise from "Academic Entrepreneurs".


Conceptualized and delivered World Prize Winning tuition services to meet the requirements of All levels of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) professional qualifications, spanning a period of over seventeen years.


Provided and delivered consultancy services for organizations in education and media services on the island of Trinidad and across the caribbean.

Web Developer

Familiar with best practice recommendations of HTML5/XHML, CSS2.1/3, Javascript, PHP and the Latest in Applied Web Technology to be ready for the Next Generation web personality.

Digital Marketer

Equipped to offer best standards advice on all aspects of Marketing - the constantly evolving discipline. Including; Strategic Planning and the pulses of Web Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Automation, Email Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, CRM systems, Ominichannel Planning.


Professionally qualified Marketer with over thirty(30) years experience in Consulting, Teaching, Practicing and Delivering meaningful difference across the evolving interpretations of the Marketing discipline.

Tuition Services

Provide corporate and individual tuition packages to cover the Marketing discipline through the lenses of the Stimuli Architecture Optimization concept.


Coordinate projects enabling efficient conceptualization, development and delivery of WINNING SOLUTIONS when planning Omnichannel Communications.