Roxy Stevens

wednesday addams dress up

28 year old part time MA student, part time food sampler.

Physically based in London, mentally surfing the waves of the net.

Work and Study

My undergraduate degree was in Digital Animation at the University of Greenwich, after which I took a gap year before beginning my MA. I’ve volunteered for events such as Droidcon and Campus Party, as well as working as a demonstrator for a 3D printing startup company. Recently I worked with a local party to create newsletters and a CRM system.


Until the age of 10 years I spoke 3 languages, English; French; Farsi. Alas though I reached the age of high school and was forced to direct all my mental strength to remembering historical dates (1066, what a way to go!). 18 years later and I’ve managed to retain 2 languages at a fluent level and picked up the odd word or two in various languages. I’ve traveled through most of western and central Europe but a revisit is long over due.


I enjoy food…a lot. My favourite dishes to eat outside consists of ramen and dumplings. However at home I tend to make comfort food that I grew up on. I’m a casual gamer and love 80’s B-horror, although perhaps I just love the 80’s in general. After all I was born in the 80’s.