I am Oleksandra Bosa - a Web Design student orignated from Ukraine, a Bachelor in Computer Science, an amateur illustator, photographer, singer/songwriter, baker and a dance enthusiast. Travelled to 22 countries. Aspiring to find a dream job as front-end developer in creative agency.


This year I started writing my blog on web design.

Top 3 item design

Everyone of us deals with someone's visions of 'great' design every day and I may not know what motivates those designers to make the very desicions, but I definetly know what makes their products so inconvinient. However, the question is what makes the design so good that you'll use it everyday without even noticing? In this article I am going to state my criteria for good design as for today (because I'm sure it will alter), as well as list my own top of three items which design falls under that criteria.

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