Hi, I'm Anjan

I am from the top of the world 'Nepal'.I am aware of my strengths and weaknesses and I consciously work on developing and displaying a positive attitude. I am good at interacting with the people I work with and I am open to seek new experiences in life.I relocated to the United Kingdom to pursue a degree in Web Design and Content Planning at the University of Greenwich in London.


Hardware assembling

Assembled computer hardware and have proper ideas about the functions of all the devices attached to the motherboard. Also done clamping of Ethernet cable during course of study

Team working skills

Worked in many group projects during my course of study in +2 and done many groups works in Bachelor’s level too. And also worked with team members during my work days, completed every task given by the supervisor with the help of my team members.

Communication skills and written skills

Studied and practiced in schooling level, Fluent in speaking and writing in English Languages.


Riding Motobikes
Playing Tennis


Diligent undergraduate student who has never failed to fulfill any task assigned.Aiming to leverage my skills and experience from previous works in various fields including, Customer Service, Administration and Accounts. Honest and Motivated to undertake any task enthusiastically.