hi, I’m Anna.

On this personal page, I’d like to tell you about the things I love so you can find out a little bit more about me. I’m from the beautiful city of Saint Petersburg in Russia, where I lived and worked as a graphic designer.

I love my profession and want to grow in it. I’ve been interested in web design for quite a long time. This year I finally took a step forward to my dream and decided to dive into this industry. I moved to London and now learn Web Design and Content Planning at the University of Greenwich.

I hope that this adventure of living and studying in London will help me grow as a person and a professional.

A few facts about me apart from being a designer



I love museums and exhibitions, and I’m a huge fan of oil painting and architecture. That’s why I love museums because, in general, it’s a beautiful synergy of art and architecture in the same space. My favourite artists are Pieter Bruegel the Elder and Henri Matisse. While living, in St. Petersburg I tried not to miss any significant exhibition. While travelling, I always include a local museum on my to-do lists. I'm planning to stay true to my love of art here in London.


Learning French as a hobby

I fell in love with the French language from the first moment I heard how it sounds. Later I turned learning French into my hobby. It's like fitness to my brain and it's also very helpful when I travel to France.


Creating soundtrack of my life

I love music (from the classical to peaceful piano on Spotify, Coldplay, and movie soundtracks) though I never learned to play any instrument. Certain music brings me memories or helps me to find inspiration. And sometimes, it just encourages me when I feel sad and lonely and multiplies my joy when I’m happy. Also, I enjoy musical theatre and ballet.


Collecting grand slams

I’m a tennis fan for more than half of my life. The same story as with the music – I never played myself, but I love to support my favourite players on the court when possible. My dream is to collect my own Golden Slam visiting all Grand Slams tournaments. I've already had three Rolland Garros in my pocket. Wimbledon, Melbourne, and New York, here I come!