I'm bárbara!

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Born and Raised in Porto, one of the most beautiful, artistic but small cities in the world. Growing in such a small city like mine, I believe, it made me be very close to people, and to my culture. Since a very young age I started to listen and falling in love with Fado,the most famous Portuguese music genre, that carys a lot of sentiment and its characterize by this permanent feeling of loss that we call "Saudade". Apart of Fado and Football, we are really known for this warm way of approaching, and by "warm", I mean we can seem a bit gossipy, and ask you everything about you and your life. Even without speak a word in a language, other than Portuguese. However, don't be worryied, this is just our clumsy way to make people feel "confortable" :)

First steps

Being in Porto during my all life, close to family and friends, literally, all of them were my neighbours. Made me look for an expierence out of there, out of my confort zone. Before I turn 17, on the spring of 2016 I decided I wated to study abord and live out of my country. In the end of the summer of 2017, I moved to Southampton England, without speaking a word of english. I made into the Solent University to study Graphic Design and here I met the most incredible people. I slowly learn how to communicate, and the most important I learnt the importance of making mistakes and how to accept the imperfection on everything. This was my biggest fisrt step in life , taking control of my fears and embrancing my faults. It took time to understand this but once I did it I started talking with every people, with no shame of saying, or prounouncing anything wrong.

and now...

Moving to another country in such young age was, no doubt, decisive on my personality development. The people I met here were also, very important to build the person I am today, since the way I see the world, till my several international music playlists I've got now, on my spotify. I can't really say that this path has been easy, but I feel it couldn't have been different, all these beautiful people who cross my world, to share their storys and life expierences with me, are the most valious gift I'll ever take. Today I'm living in London, a huge city with many opportunities that I can't wait to explore.