I’m Dennis Fj

A design enthusiast. My smile to the world is an image
that I spread and this smile is what comes to people's mind
when they think of me. A Graphic designer by profession and
passion. I spent some years in the Design industry and
developed a great love for illustrative and minimal designs.
Though I believe in "Less is more" concept, when required
I can be pretty elaborative.


Life as a designer

Tendency of mine to generate something new, to see things around me in different light piqued my intrest in becoming a designer. I did my bachelor degree in Bsc Multimedia, gaining on field experience being part of print media and as a designer for a couple of companies helped me with a concrete knowledge of the industry.

The realisation of there is no absolute way to creative epitome made me set out for more. As i am currently pursuing my masters in Ma Web Design and Content Planning from greenwich university.