Hi,Welcome to my page.

In addition to learning MA Web Designing and Content Planning I am a Two year experienced Graphic Designer and Web Designer.I have done my Under Graduation in Bachelor of Computer Applications(BCA). Addition to that, “I am an Art Person”.I like to experiment new style of typography and art styles.

Evolution In ME


Person who is into Artistic World


Started career as Graphic Designer


Changed to UI designing


Hoping to explore future



I love and enjoy drawing and painting both digitally and by hand.I always had the passion in Web designing and wants to learn it more clearly.I hope I can accomplish here.These are my few likes.I like both abstract and scenic vison of art.I see art as a relaxing and soothing thing for me.I also great love to music.I love more retro musics.I even study by hearing music.It makes me focus to what am doing.I am another person when I am around music and art,these are the BEST.

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