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Who Am I?

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I am a web developer with 5 years of work experience. And I have a love for beautiful interfaces. My goal is to dive into the ocean to learn and explore so I joined the University of Greenwich and moved to London. Oh, wait!!! I know that maybe you started thinking like this is a cliche self-introduction, but that’s fine. I believe in one thing that we should do what we really want to do, nothing else really matters.


I enjoy myself when I am playing and watching sports. I don’t know! There is a strange connection it has with me. When I am in my home country I will not miss any chance to play. And I always say to my wife that football is my first girlfriend. Will you believe I'm having a tattoo on the backside of my neck which is the logo of my football team? Yes, it is true. The next thing will be coding. I really enjoy eating food and am interested in trying different ones, this is not just about food, I am interested in trying different things. And the most important part is I really hate wasting food without any good reason.

Course Works

I'm currently doing Masters in Web Design and Content Planning from University of Greenwich. If you want to see my course works collection you can go to the below link.

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I have been thinking of writing blogs from the time I started working as a web developer. Now I have really started what I was planning to do five years ago. If you want to see my writings

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If you think you should know more about me, feel free to disturb me