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Hello I'm

Adeyinka Campbell

I'm a fun-loving, easy-going person who loves art and design. I am obsessed with works that spark creativity like painting, photography, videography, visual design, animation, and motion graphics.

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My Life As A Designer

I have a bachelor's degree in Graphic Design and have worked in several capacities developing designs for prints, websites, and social media. I also worked as a UI/UX designer helping to design amazing experiences for websites and mobile apps.

I am passionate about helping people understand how to use technology to make their lives better. As a designer, I see myself as an advocate, helping people understand that thoughtful designs have the power to change the world.

I am currently pursuing a master's degree in Web Design and Content Planning at the University of Greenwich, London.

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Fun Facts About Me

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I can be very playful, and most times this reflects on my design works. I love to incorporate the 'fun' part of me into my designs.

I have tried my hands at cooking, but it seems nobody ever likes my food. But I'm very good at boiling water as that's the only thing I can cook conveniently. And yes, I can boil an egg.

When I am not designing, I love to explore new places and taking photographs. I listen to Afro-pop music and play Pro Evolution Soccer.

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