Tales for an Accelerated Culture

"Now Martin, like most embittered ex-hippies, is a yuppie, and I have no idea how you're supposed to relate to those people. And before you start getting shrill and saying yuppies don't exist, let's just face facts: they do."

"Dickoids like Martin who snap like wolverines on speed when they can't have restaurant's window seat in the nonsmoking section with cloth napkins."

"Androids who never get jokes and who have something scared and mean at the core of their existence, like an underfed Chihuahua baring its teeny fangs and waiting to have its face kicked in or like a glass of milk sloshed on top of the violet filaments of a bug barbauq: a weird abuse of nature".

"Yuppies never gamble they calculate. They have no aura: ever been to a yuppie party? It's like being in an empty room: empty hologram people walking around peeking at themselves in mirrors and surreptitously misting their tonsils with Binaca spray in case they have to kiss another ghost like themsleves."

"There's just nothing there."