Desperately waiting until the illusionary inspiration comes But it never gets here. Time’s running out Like an hourglass in reality Got to keep on trying.

Staring vacantly at the blank page Like a bare canvas Waiting for its artist to paint his masterpiece I let it mock me I write my first few words I am not satisfied

Urgently pushing my mind to the limit Concentrating deeply on finishing I’m wearisome and tired But I know this deters my fate

Sitting, staring quietly Delicate droplets to sweat Gently trickle down the sides of my head All concentration forced on the lifeless sheet of paper Like a million lightning bolt directed on a gentle lamb

I put down my pencil Knowing my work is not done The deadline edging Closer, close, closer...............

Tiffany Shennowo (11)
Shennowo, T. cited in Davies, H. (2012) page 112


I was in hospital. I wondered why as I looked at my arm in a sling. Then I had a flashback, I was climbing frame, my foot slipped. I wondered how badly I was injured. The doctor came in and said "its good news -its not broken" Hooray!

Tiffany Shennowo (10)

Shennowo, T. cited in Richardson, M. (2011) page 125