Design Process

I chose as piece of literature for the project “typesetting literature” three excerpts from the book “Ready Player One” by Ernest Cline, i.e.: Chapter 0000, 0006 and 0016. First of all, the reason I chose this book is mainly due to my interest for retro-gaming and 80s pop-culture (the book feeds from geeky sci-fi elements such as movies, music and video games belonging to 80’s and 90’s to create a anti universe compared to that state of the world).

As I could not represent the entire book digitally, I had to find a way to convey the general spirit of the text in a appealing way. Consequently, I decided to introduce gruadually the reader to the text. I did this by creating an hope-page that recreates the same atmoshere that we find in 80s videogames. The homepage has also similarities to the original book’s cover.

The reason I chose those particular excerpts is not casual. The excerpt from Chapter 0000 is particulary interesting because contains the most important passage of the Anorak’s invitation.

The Anorak’s invitation is a video message that formally announces Halliday’s Easter Egg Hunt. For the first time in the book we have a clear reference to the hidden keys (Copper, Jade and Crystal) which once acquired allow to enter Castel Anorak, the home of Halliday’s avatar, Anorak.

I decided to represent the piece of verse that Halliday says using a typeface called Adventurer by Brian J Smith (available at: I belie that this typeface is suitable because remind me of the typeface used in old manuscripts and in the pirate map of an old videogame which I played called “Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis” or to the ring’s inscription in “The Lord of the Ring”. Furthermore, as you notice, the text is flaming. This is a clear connection to the book i.e “it appears briefly in flaming subtitles across the bottom of screen”.

Instead, the excerpt from Chapter 0006 was chosen because contains many references to many 80s and 90s movies. Here, I decided to use those typefaces because they are easily recognizable by the reader. This I believe has a great impact and contribute to suspension of disbelief of the reader.

Furthermore, the excerpt from Chapter 0016 was chosen because it contains the high score table. As I am a videogamer, I found particulary appealing to represent this table digitally. The idea was to give a retro feeling. Consequently, I opted for a typeface called ‘Press Start 2P’. This is a bitmap font based on the font design from the 1980s Namco Arcade Games (available at: As far the color, I chose for the background #000 (black) and for the typaface color #00ec00 which is a bright lime. The reason I opted for this combination is because I wanted to recreate an ‘old fashioned’ green computer display.

As far the the main font-face, common to the three excerpts from the book, I used Calluna Regular. I was presented with the challenge to represent the long-form text of a book, so I needed a simple and with just enough personality typeface. Calluna Regular was perfect (available at:

The Navigation Bar

Special attention had to be paid to the navigation bar. Because the book contains many references to the movie ‘Back to the Future’, I found a way to the same by using for the navigation bar the typeface called Pixel LCD7 (available at: The font conveys the same feeling of the keypad found in DeLorean. In addition, the colors are exactly the same of the keypad #ee2434 – #37e60f – #fff62f.

Hope Page

The main page contains many references to the book. First of all, the title of the book: ‘Ready Player One’. Here, I decided to use Sabo, a free 8-bit style by Philppe Moesch (available at: The title is surrounded by two levels of borders (internal and external). I decided to use this design because I believe it reminds me of the upper part of an old classic arcade machine (where the title of the game is displayed). As far the colors, I chose #fbe666 and #fc0683 because I was inpired by a picture found of the Internet.

The hopepage contains also a futher reference to the book (chapter 0019) ‘No one in the word ever gets what they want and that is beatiful‘, this is the pass phrase recited by Parzival, the main character, when entering the OASIS.

Finally, the hopepage contains shapes of space invanders and the hidden keys, which I used mainly for decorative purpose. They keys have the colours of Copper, Jade and Christal.