Typesetting literature

Project Interpretation

The Scene itself

Topic: A conversation between Captain Blackadder and Private Baldrick

Time: World War One

Place: A trench on the Western Front

Athmosphere: The dugout. Blackadder is sitting in a chair reading a book. A record is playing softly. Scratching noises are heard.

Webpage Backdrop

The choosen backdrop for the main page is The New York Times dating back to 1918. The newspaper is avalable here. I have tried to replicate the newspaper's original look. (On the main page, scroll down to view the page without the backdrop.)

Webpage Fonts & Color Scheme

The navigation bar font, Stencil, appeared with American Type Founders in 1938. The font is very army-like and has been used for lettering crates and aircrafts. In fact it may be not be so appropriate for the WW1 setting.

The page colour scheme is created by matching Blackadder's and Baldrick's dialogue font colours emerging a neutral natural trench like scheme.


Captain Edmund Blackadder's speech font responds to his character - witty, sarcastic and typically historically English. The colour used represents a "superior's" uniform - dark, with red stripes.

Private S. Baldrick's speech font responds to his character - naive, unintelligent and untidy appearance. The colour used represents a privat's uniform - a khaki pants and tunic.

Editor's note!

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