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  • Armistice signed, end of the war!
  • Berlin seized by revolutionists;
  • New Chancellor begs for order;
  • Ousted kaiser flees to holland




Hindenburg Also Believed
to be Among Those
in His Party.




Automobiles Bristle with Rifles
as Fugitives Arrive at
Dutch Frontier.




Belgians Yell to Them, "Are
You On Your Way to


LONDON, Nov. 10.-Both the former German Emperor and his eldest son, Frederick William, crossed the Dutch frontier Sunday morning, according to advices from The Hague. His reported destination is De Steeg, near Utrecht.

The former German Emperor's party, which is believed to include Field Marshal von Hindenburg, arrived at Eysden, [midway between Liege and Maastricht,] on the Dutch frontier, at 7:30 o'clock Sunday morning, according to Daily Mail advices.

Practically the whole German General Staff accompanied the former Emperor, and ten automobiles carried the party. The automobiles were bristling with rifles, and all the fugitives were armed.

The ex-Kaiser was in uniform. He alighted at the Eysden station and paced the platform, smoking a cigarette.

Many photographs were taken by [of?] the members of the Imperial party. On the whole the people were very quiet, but Belgians among them yelled out "En voyage a Paris." (Are you on your way to Paris?)

Chatting with the members of the staff, the former Emperor, the correspondent says, did not look in the least distressed. A few minutes later an imperial train, including restaurant and sleeping cars, ran into the station. Only servants were aboard.

The engine returned to the Vise, Belgium, and brought back a second train, in which were a large number of staff officers and others, also stores of food.

The preparations began for the departure at 10 o'clock this morning, but at 10:40 o'clock the train was still at Eysden. The blinds of the train were all drawn.

The Daily Mail remarks that, if the party arrived in Holland armed, all of them must be interned.

While other dispatches


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Kaiser Fought Hindenburg's Call for Abdication; Failed to Get Army's Support in Keeping Throne



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Special Cable to THE NEW YORK TIMES.

AMSTERDAM, Nov. 10. - I learn on very good authority that the Kaiser made a determined effort to save off abdication. We went to headquarters with the deliberate intention of bringing the army around to his side. In this he failed miserably.

His main support consisted of a number of officers, nearly all of Prussian regiments, who formed themselves into two regiments and placed themselves at his Majesty's disposal. To do anything with such support was seen, o course, to be Gilbertian.

During the night the Kiaser called the Crown Prince, Hindenburg, and General Groner to him, and the consultation lasted a couple of hours. Both officers strongly pressed the Kaiser to bow to the inevitable, and Hindenburg informed him that any more delay in coming to a decision to abdicate would certainly have the most terrible consequences and lead to serious events in the army. For those consequences Hindenburg said he mist refuse responsibility.

The Crown Prince, it is said, was the first to give away. General Groner fully supported Hindenburg's view, but when the conference broke up the Kaiser remained unconvinced of the advisability of abdication. He is said to have come to his final decision on hour or so later; after several communications had reached him from Berlin and after another short and stormy talk with Hindenburg.

Meanwhile, his son-in-law, the Duke of Brunswick, for himself and his heir, had abdicated. “Brunswick’s Father Chieftain” was forced without fighting abdicate. Reports have it that the republican movement in Brunswick, which long before the war was chafing under autocratic conditions, began to be noticed even before it was set in the motion at Kiel.


Kaiser Shivered as He Signed Abdication

LONDON, Nov. 10.- Emperor William signed his letter of abdication on Saturday morming at the German Grand Headquaters in the presence of Crown Prince Frederick William and Field Marshal Hindenburg according to a dispatch from Amsterdam to Exchange Telegraph Company.

The Crown Prince signed his renunciation of the shortly afterward.

Before placing his signatur to a document, an urgent message from Philipp Scheidemann, who was a Socialist member without portfolio in the Imperial Cabinet, was handed to the Emperor. He read it with a shiever. Then he signed the paper, saying:

"It may be for the good of Germany."

The Emperor was deeply moved. He sonsented to sign he document only wen he got the news of the latest events in the empire.

The ex-Kaiser and former Crown Prince were expected to take leave of their troops on Saturday, but nothing had then been settled regarding their future movements.



King of Wuerttemberg Abdi-
cates - Sovereign of Sax-
ony to Follow Suit.




Socialists Are Demanding That Every Sovereign in the Empire Shall be Dethroned.


LONDON, Nov. 10. - A Havas dispatch from Basle says: "Wilhelm II, the reigning King of the monarchy of Wurttemberg, abdicated on Friday night."

A Wolff Bureau dispatch from Stuttgart, by way of Amsterdam, says that the king has issued a proclamation saying that his person would never serve to hinder the development of the wishes of the people.

Accoring to a report received from Berne, the German Socialists are demanding that every dynasty in Germany be supressed and all the Princes exiled. It is reported that the Kings of Bavaria and Saxony intend to abdicate soon.


Here is a list of the rules, until several days ago, of the various parta of the German Empire. Those who have abdicated and those reported to be on the point of abdication are marked by an asterisk:

ANHALT - Duke Edward, son of the late Duke Friedrich of Anbalt and of Princess Antoinette of Saxe-Altenberg. Succeeded his brother April 18, 1801.

BADEN - Friedrich II., succeeses to


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Four Dreadnoughts in Kiel
Harbor Espouse the Revolu-
tionary Cause.




Those Protecting Mines in the Great Belt and the Baltic Abandon Their Posts.


LONDON, Nov. 10.--The crews of the German dreadnoughts Posen, Ostfriesland, Nassau, and Oldenburg, in Kiel Harbor, have joined the revolution, says a Copenhagen dispatch. Marines occupied the lock gates at Ostmoor and fought down of coast artillery division which offered resistance.

According to the British Wireless Service three German destroyers have anchored outside Stockholm. All the guardships in the Baltic, it is said, have joined the revolutionary movement.

Six more cruisers flying the red flag arrived at Hamburg last night, says a Wolff News Agency dispatch received in Copenhagen.

An Amsterdam dispatch states that the Berlin Vossische Zeitung and Vorwarts confirm the fact that the inception of the revolution at Kiel was mistaken for the idea that a cruise had been ordered and that it was intended ti give battle to the British fleet.

Up to Friday night the number of persons killed at


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Reds Shell Building in Which Officers Vainly Resist.




Revolutionary Flag on Royal Palace – Crown Prince’s Palace Also Seized.




Burgomaster and Police Submit – War Office Now Under Socialist Control.


LONDON, Nov. 10. – The greater part of Berlin is in control of revolutionists, the new Socialist Chancellor, has taken command of the situation. The revolt is spreading throughout Germany with great rapidity. Dispatches received in London today announce these startling developments. The Workmen’s and Soldier’s Council is now administering the municipal government of the German capital.

The War Ministry has submitted, and its acts are valid only when countersigned by a Socialist representative. The official Wolff telegraphic agency has been taken over by the Reds.

The red flag has been hoisted over the royal palace and the Brandenburg Gate. The former Crown Prince’s palace is also in possession of the revolutionists. There was severe fighting in Berlin between 8 and 10 o’clock last night and a violent cannonade was heard from the heart of the city.

Burgomaster and Police Join.

A Copenhagen dispatch states that Dr. Liebknecht, the famous Socialist, who was recently released, has issued the following announcement in Berlin in behalf of the Workmen’s and Soldier’s Council:

“The Presidency of the police, as well as the Chief Command, is in our hands, our comrades will be released.”

A dispatch from Berne states that the Burgomaster of Berlin has placed himself and his staff at the disposal of the new Government.

Some German newspapers describe the movement as Bolshevism. The people are shouting “Long live the Republic!” and singing the “Marseillaise.”

Officers Shelled by Reds.

When revolutionary soldiers

attempted to enter a building in Berlin in which they supposed that a number of officers were concealed shots were fired from the windows. The Reds then began shelling the building. Many persons were killed and wounded before the officers surrendered.

When the cannonade began the people thought the Reichsbank was being bombarded, and thousands rushed to the square in front of the Crown Prince’s palace. It was later determined that other buildings were under fire. Among those killed in the fighting at the “Cockchafer” Barracks was one of the workmen’s leaders known as “Comrade” Habersroth.

The Reds, at last reports, were maintaining order.

Berlin was occupied by forces of the Soldier’s and Workmen’s Councils on Saturday afternoon, according to a Wolff Bureau report received in Copenhagen. News of Emperor William’s abdication was received in the city on that afternoon with general rejoicing, which was tempered by the fear that it had come too late.

Russians Aid in Outbreak.

How far the example of the Russian Bolsheviki influenced he German upheaval is an interesting question. Red flags figured frequently n the various risings and Chancellor Ebert’s motor car floats the international emblem.

The shoulder straps were torn from the uniforms of officers in a number of German cities and even the soldier’s insignia were stripped from them. Russian prisoners played a part in the demonstrations in two or three towns. Delegates of the revolutionary German navy arrived in Berlin on Friday, according to a dispatch from Copenhagen. They conferred for several hours with the Minister of Marine and with members of the Reichstag majority parties.

It is stated that Hugo Haase, a Socialist leader in the Reichstag, has the situation at Hamburg in hand.

It is officially announced from Berlin, according to a Copenhagen dispatch, that the War Ministry has placed itself at the disposal of Chancellor Evert. This action was for the purpose of assuring the provisioning of the army and assisting in the solution of demobilization problems.

Serious food difficulties are expected in Germany, owing to the stoppage of trains. The Council of the Regency will take the most drastic steps to re-establish order.

In the new German Government there will be only three representatives of the majority parties, namely, Erzberger, Gothein, and Richthofen, says a dispatch from Copenhagen. The other posts will be occupied by Socialists and independents.

Reds Announce Success.

BERLIN, Nov. 9, (German Wireless to London, Nov. 10) – (Associated Press.) – The German People’s Government has been instituted in the greater part of Berlin. The garrison has gone over the Government. The Workmen’s and Soldier’s Council has declared a general strike. Troops and machine guns have been placed at the disposal of the Council. Guards which had been stationed at the public offices and other buildings have been withdrawn. Friedrich Ebert (Vice President of the Social Democratic Party) is carrying on the Chancellorship.

The text of a statement issued by the People’s Government reads:

In the course of the forenoon of Saturday the formation of a new German People’s Government was initiated. The greater part of the Berlin garrison, and other troops stationed there temporarily, went over to the ne Government.

The leaders of the deputations of the Social Democratic Party declared that they would not shoot against the people. They said they would, in accordance with the People’s Government, intercede in favor of the maintenance of order. Thereupon in the offices and public buildings the guards which had been stationed there were withdrawn.

The business of the Imperial Chancellor is being carried on by the Social Democratic Deputy, Herr Ebert.

It is presumed that, apart from the representatives of the recent majority groups, three independent Social Democrats will enter the future Government.

Scheidemann Exhorts Calm.

Deputy Scheidemann, (leader of the majority Socialists in the Reichstag,) in a speech today, said:

“The Kaiser and the Crown Prince have abdicated. The dy-


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Socialist Chancellor Appeals to All Germans To Help Him Save Fatherland from Anarchy


BERNE, Nov.10, (Associated Press.) – In an address to the people, the new German Chancellor, Friedrich Ebert, says:

Citizens: The ex-Chancellor, Prince Max of Baden, in agreement with all the Secretaries of State, has handed over to me the task of liquidating his affairs as Chancellor. I am on the point of forming a new Government in accord with the various parties, and will keep public opinion freely informed of the course of events.

The new Government will be a Government of the people. It must make every effort to secure in the quickest possible time peace for the German people and consolidate the liberty which they have won.

The new Government has taken charge of the administration, to preserve the German people from civil war and famine and to accomplish their legitimate claim to autonomy. The Government can solve this problem only if all the officials in town and country will help.

I know it will be difficult for some to work with the new men who have taken charge of the empire, but I appeal to their love of the people. Lack of organization would in this heavy time mean anarchy in German and the surrender of the country to tremendous misery. Therefore, help your native country with fearless, indefatigable work for the future, every one at his post.

I demand every one’s support in the hard task awaiting us. You know how seriously the war has menaced the provisioning of the people, which is the first condition of the people’s existence. The food supply is the first duty of all, whether in town or country, and they should not embarrass, but rather aid, the production of food supplies and their transport to the towns.

Food shortage signifies pillage and robbery, with great misery. The poorest will suffer the most, and the industrial worker will be affected hardest. All who illicitly lay hands on food supplies or other supplies of prime necessity or the means of transport necessary for their distribution will be guilty in the highest degree toward the community.

I ask you immediately to leave the streets and remain orderly and calm.


COPENHAGEN, Nov. 10. – The new Berlin Government, according to a Wolff Bureau dispatch, has issued the following proclamation:

Fellow-Citizens: This day the people’s deliverance has been fulfilled. The Social Democratic Party has undertaken to form a Government. It has invented the Independent Socialist Party to enter the Government with equal rights.




The State Department in Washington Made the Announcement at
2:45 o'Clock.




Terms include Withdrawal from Alsace-Lorraine,
Disarming and Demobilization of Army and
Navy, and Occupation of Strategic
Naval and Military Points.


By The Associated Press.

WASHINGTON, Monday, Nov. 11, 2:48 A.M. - The armistice between Germany, on the one hand, and the allied Governments and the United States, on the other, has been signed.

The State Department announced at 2:45 o'clock this morning that Germany had signed.

The department's announcement simply said: "The armistice has been signed."

The world war will end this morning at 6 o'clock, Washington time, 11 o'clock Paris time.

The armistice was signed by the German representatives at midnight.

This announcement was made by the State Department at 2:50 o'clock this morning.

The announcement was made verbally by an officiala of the State Department in this form:

"The armistice has been signed. It was signed at 5 o'clock A.M., Paris time, [6 o'clock, New York time.]

The terms of the armistice, it was announced, will not be made public until later. Military men here, however, regard it as certain that they include:

Immediate retirement of the German military forces from France, Belgium, and Alsace-Lorraine.

Disarming and demobilization of the German armies.

Occupation by the allied and American forces of such strategic points in Germany as will make impossible a renewal of hostilities.

Delivery of part of the German High Seas Fleet and certain number of submarines to the allied and American naval forces.

Disarmament of all other German warships


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