Who Moved My Cheese? Reviews

“Every once in a while a book comes along that opens a door to the future. Who Moved My Cheese? has had that effect on me. Spencer Johnson opened my eyes to the changes streaking by me which I couldn' t as yet identify. This is a must reading for the New Millennium.”

David A. Heenan, Board Member

Peter F. Drucker Graduate Management Center

“I can picture myself reading this wonderful story to my children and grandchildren in our family room with a warm fire glowing, and their understanding the lessons in these important pages.”

Lt. Col. Wayne Washer

Aeronautical Science Center, Wright Patterson AFB

“As soon as I finished reading Who Moved My Cheese? I ordered copies for the directors in our technical division to help us deal with the relentless changes we face – from being on changing teams to developing new markets – and I hope they do the same for people they work with.”

Joan Banks, Performance Effectiveness Specialist

Whirlpool Corporation

“People in organizations will be talking about Who Moved My Cheese?, the Maze, and Hem and Haw after they read this classic parable. Dr. Johnson' s enticing images and language give us a fundamentally sound and memorable way of managing change.”

Albert Simeone, President

Rochester Institute of Technology

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