course notes 2015/16

collecting inspiration

Sep 24th 2015

Hello everyone ;)

looking forward to meeting you all and to working with you on your design skills. To start off with, I thought I should get you started by looking at 2 online bookmarking tools :)

As designers we thrive on collecting inspiration from any source, in any environment. It help us to remain inspired and pushes us into different creative directions. Whether collecting interesting snippets in a scrapbook, taking photographs, bookmarking pages online – an ever growing assembly of inspiration can help new ideas to blossom and get us out of creative blocks.


created by FictiveKin ~ GimmeBar is an online tool to collect anything from quotes to videos, images and entire webpages. Using the browser addon, or the bookmarklet, you can start collecting anything of interest you might find online, from quotes to images and videos to entire web pages. GimmeBar also links together its users and allows you to browse public content others have saved ~ a true treasure trove of inspiration.

Personal note: GimmeBar is now my favourite bookmarking tool, I find it useful for my own collections as well as exploring other people’s links. I can only highly recommend that you give it a try :) In case you are curious – here are my GimmeBar collections.


You might already have heard or be using Pinterest, the online pinboard which allows you to collect, organise and share your online findings.
Creative Bloq lists a number of collections which might be of interest to you: 20 brilliant Pinterest boards every designer should follow

Personal note: I signed up early on and initially found Pinterest very useful and inspiring. As time went on, some initial issues, eg with correct referencing the original source and author, were resolved and popularity grew. However, I found the content less and less inspiring as the main focus seemed to be about housekeeping tips, fashion and beauty, which is likely due to the fact that by now the users of Pinterest are predominantly a certain type of person. GimmeBar remains my bookmarking tool of choice.

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