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colour illustration


Oct 23rd 2019

Colour is a topic which never ceases to inspire great discussion about interpretation, meaning and effect within design. As subjective as colour can be – it is our job as designers to be mindful of implications as well as considerate in our selection for use in interface and web design.

Don Norman discusses design psychology.

3 extremely different moods

Mary & Max

An animated clay feature film, telling the story of a pen-friendship between two very different people.

Fotoshop by Adobé

A personal project by Jesse Rosten, filmmaker and commercial director.
Read project details

Disposable Teens

Song and video by Marilyn Manson

colour meaning

colour scheme design

How do you create your colour schemes? Where do you start?
Do you find this an easy aspect to design? Or do you struggle to get started?

Let’s talk about colours schemes ~ and possible methods to starting with their design.


Color Oracle (mac / pc)
– preview your design / colour scheme with colour blindness filter applied.

check my colours
– the excellent colour checker, for contrast and accessibility

color code screen grab

– create colour palette using classic colour schemes, or free form. Export to various formats, including code.

adobe color cc icon

Adobe Color
– create, save and view/use colour schemes via colour wheel or image extraction.

designinspiration screengrab

design inspiration
– view images by colour or colour combinations.

& just for fun:

color game // what the hex?

colour play

teapot logo

Using the “Hattie’s Tearoom” logo [↓] – experiment with the 3 different approaches to colour scheme design and prepare a basic style tile.

Introduce yourself

tiny task – part #3

With feedback on your content and typesetting in hand, work on iterations and include your ideas for a fitting colour scheme.

  1. work either in a graphics app, or CSS, to experiment with colour schemes
  2. produce a digital mockup of your design
  3. post a link to your colour scheme ideas in the comments below, or post to the #design channel on Slack
  4. give feedback to each other ;)

Do share your initial ideas and get/give some feedback :)

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