projects 2015/16

Drupal Camp London

Feb 16th 2016

Drupal Camp London is run by a small group of volunteers who organise the conference, create the website, brochure and promotional material in their spare time. In previous years, the design for a logo and the site was done shortly before the event, usually put together with little time.

For next year’s event, the team are hoping for a head start.


The organisers of the event, our main contact: Gary Pigott
↓ download brief


open / flexible
(before end of teaching)


This project is pro bono and we’re working in teams. All work to be done in collaboration. Each will work on all elements of the brief, we will share our progress (via our #drupal-camp-project channel in slack, via comments or in class) and exchange feedback.


  • Hannnah
  • Pete
  • Smita
  • Inder

  • Theresa
  • Aisha
  • Claudia
  • Sasha
TEAM ###

  • Lung
  • Alana
  • Lauren
  • Karima

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