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WordPress • theme design

Mar 3rd 2016

WordPress… how I love you x

I’m really looking forward to taking you all through the theme design today ~ let’s see how beautiful your blogs will become once you start creating your own themes :) With so much material out there to support you on your journey into designing your own custom themes for WordPress, we’re going to focus on➢ continue reading

Icon design

Feb 11th 2016

ISOTYPE and beyond

Icons are the small little details with such high importance that they deserve as much TLC as the rest of your design. If you search for icon sets online, you will find an ever growing number of beautiful sets to choose from. However, it will be worth your while to at least explore icon design,➢ continue reading

design for UX & accessibility

Jan 21st 2016

Eric Meyer
designing with people - for people

As web workers, be that designers or developers, it is our job to create not only engaging user experiences but also to ensure an all inclusive design and setup. Making sure our content is presented in the most accessible and easy way will liberate our user to use the web freely and without hinderance, a➢ continue reading


Dec 16th 2015

make a splash.

In these days of social media – having a strong brand is only the basis of a successful presence within the market. While there’s more competition, there are also more channels, more ways to engage with people and entice them to become loyal supporters. The web and social media make it easier than ever to➢ continue reading


Dec 9th 2015

colour illustration

Colour is a topic which never ceases to inspire great discussion about interpretation, meaning and effect within design. As subjective as colour can be – it is our job as designers to be mindful of implications as well as considerate in our selection for use in interface and web design. Don Norman discusses design psychology.➢ continue reading

graphic design principles

Dec 2nd 2015

heather hansen, emptied gestures
Emptied Gestures © Heather Hansen

Design is a fluid process, something that will change with each project, each challenge. Intuition if often a good starting point. Following the well-trodden paths which are influenced by long standing principles is another. Let’s take a look at some established as well as popular graphic design principles and their possible inspiration for design for➢ continue reading

adaptive design planning

Nov 18th 2015

loop by Cento Lodigiani ©
animated gif © Cento Lodigiani

Today, we can no longer design any site without considering carefully the many different devices and screensizes affecting layout and presentation. A good responsive design will allow the content to adapt to the viewport, be that a computer or TV, and mobile. Ethan Marcotte It is now over five years ago that the wonderful Ethan➢ continue reading

layout design

Nov 11th 2015

featured photo by Rain Noe, lines & shapes added to original, © Rain Noe, core77

While you are learning more about positioning – your next challenge will be to design effective layouts which present all content well. There are many different approaches and one prevailing and well established method is of course the use of grids. A lot has been written and discussed about grids in design, from historic examples,➢ continue reading