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graphic design principles

Dec 2nd 2015

heather hansen, emptied gestures
Emptied Gestures © Heather Hansen

Design is a fluid process, something that will change with each project, each challenge. Intuition if often a good starting point. Following the well-trodden paths which are influenced by long standing principles is another. Let’s take a look at some established as well as popular graphic design principles and their possible inspiration for design for➢ continue reading

adaptive design planning

Nov 18th 2015

loop by Cento Lodigiani ©
animated gif © Cento Lodigiani

Today, we can no longer design any site without considering carefully the many different devices and screensizes affecting layout and presentation. A good responsive design will allow the content to adapt to the viewport, be that a computer or TV, and mobile. Ethan Marcotte It is now over five years ago that the wonderful Ethan➢ continue reading

layout design

Nov 11th 2015

featured photo by Rain Noe, lines & shapes added to original, © Rain Noe, core77

While you are learning more about positioning – your next challenge will be to design effective layouts which present all content well. There are many different approaches and one prevailing and well established method is of course the use of grids. A lot has been written and discussed about grids in design, from historic examples,➢ continue reading