this site’s purpose

To support students on the Digital Practices → Module.
To support all web students interested in WordPress.

This site’s purpose was originally to be the demo site during our workshop sessions— it will now evolve into our communications platform instead. I will be adding new posts for you, and we can use the comments to discuss the ins and outs of workings, you can ask questions which Claire and I will answer ~ easy for everyone to read :)

These are unprecedented days… usually, we’d be meeting for our workshop to work through your projects and get your websites progressing. Sadly, the COVID situation now brought an end to our face-to-face sessions until further notice – which is a shame but by no means will bring an end to our team work :-)

And please do get in touch if you have any questions or worries, via the Q&A or email ~ I won’t mind.
Even if only remotely, I’m still here to help you along :)

this site’s theme

This site will keep the theme of the latest version of the official WP install in place, with a few tweaks for content and colour only. It will serve as demo of the latest official theme.

WP Q&A ongoing…

There’s a dedicated Q&A section, this shows weekly Q&A posts and collects your questions and answers for future reference.
Go ahead, ask away :)

questions for week 6
questions for week 7


As promised, I’ve started to create some videos for you — these will be super-short, cut to be quite quick with the aim of keeping the file size down, and focus on one small aspect alone.

If there are any aspects of your project work you think would be useful as demo, please let me know. More than happy to follow your prompts and suggestions.

To work through the steps slower – you can always pause the video :) Hope these will be helpful :)

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