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This post is meant to serve as a reminder and as somewhere to post questions etc. Do email me or comment here, I’ll be more than happy to help and answer all your questions.

deliverables in summary

The brief

  • to create a site which aims to help
  • to produce and edit appropriate content for online consumption
  • to deliver a website designed for a select target group
  • to ensure that the site performs well
    [accessibility / loading speed / responsive design]
  • to submit a project document, including site plan and rationale

The criteria

  • evident site purpose for common good
  • well structured content, easy to accesss
  • all text is well written and free of errors
  • content designed for target audience, phrasing reflects suitable tone
  • media content is accessible (e.g. alternative text for images)
  • any quoted/sourced content is clearly referenced/linked
  • pages load fast and with full content
  • layout, including all media, adapts to different viewport widths

read session notes ↗

2,500 words?

In case you’re worried about the word count, and what document you are to write – please double-check the deliverables and read the session notes.

In short, the 2,500 word are the content of your website, i.e. the text you write and publish on your website. In addition to this text, you should write a 500 word report on your project, the project documentation which discusses your rationale.

Your submission

You will submit your work as any other project via Turnitin. Your submission will be the 500-word project document which has to include the following:

  1. URL/link to your website
  2. site plan to show final content structure
  3. project documentation, outlining your focus on the brief, your approach to content and your choice/setup of theme

Optional but recommended addition:
screenshots of your website’s pages (core pages if not all).

6 replies on “assessment questions”

Can you make an example about how we present the brief of online consumption? Online consumption is not a scoring standard, right?

Hi Cris,
the ‘online consumption’ is a phrase to highlight the different form of preparing and presenting text, images and media for a website.

As we discussed in class, the text for your website should be written very differently to the writing you to do for your other assignments. While you might be used to writing academic texts now, your focus for the website text of your project should be to write for your target group, to make reading easy and pleasant.

You could choose to write quite formally or in a more approachable and friendly tone. All will depend on your site’s mission and the people you’re targeting. In any case, your text should be written for the web, i.e. keep in mind the relatively short attention span we all have when reading online (hence better to write in short sentences), the skim reading and the importance of a clear hierarchy (e.g. clear headings and sub-headings, use of lists and text formatting).

hope this explains?

Yes!!!!! Oh my god, I was thinking that online consumption means we have to sell some products on our websites. Finally, I understand, haha.

Hi Prisca,
I can’t find the past examples that you show us before… Could you please tell me how to find it? Thanks!!!

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