How do I fix my menu?

I’ve had quite a few emails about the setup of a good menu from you – so I thought I’d do a quick demo video to recap how to edit your site menus. And most important – what NOT to do :)

screenshot comparison

no VPN – no problem.

Although the VPN will work for most of us, most of us on fancy setups anyway — there might be a few of you who are struggling with the setup, or whose systems are just incompatible. This is unfortuntately the nature of the beast that’s technology. But do not worry – we’ll work around this and find a way.

First of all, email me ( and talk to me about the issues you are having, I might be able to help. If we cannot resolve your issue – there are other options to explore.

easy access with limits

There is the option of the free WordPress websites – I introduced you to the 2 official WordPress sites and their different purposes already. In short, you can set up an account on and set up a website for free. This will be in the public domain and carry no restrictions of access (i.e. no VPN access required).

This is a perfectly fine solution for your project if you wish.


  • public view of your ongoing work (if this bothers you)
  • limits in terms of themes (you’ll be limited to the ones on offer within
  • limited in terms of plugins (this might only be a minor drawback unless your site needs anything specific)
  • moving away from the server stops us (Claire and myself) from getting quick access to your admin
    (NOTE: you will need to share your logins with me for assessment purposes later)


  • public view of your ongoing work is easy to share and get feedback on from others (and those outside of uni)
  • no VPN connection needed to work on your site – direct quick viewing and logging in
  • make use of built in functions for external connections (like social media)
  • content can be moved to the uni-hosted version of your site at any point