Fancy Themes & Design Plugins

Every WordPress site uses a theme to control the design of the website. It manages the style including the colours, fonts and layout. Some WordPress themes are free, but it is also possible to pay 3rd parties for WordPress themes. Paid themes may offer styles that you prefer or include options which make it easier… Continue reading Fancy Themes & Design Plugins

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WordPress After This Course

For most of you this course was the first time that you have used WordPress to build a website, but I hope that it won’t be the last. Although for this unit we have used WordPress to create a very specific type of site, the skills that you have learnt to do that can be… Continue reading WordPress After This Course

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cookies & GDPR

Websites should always present good original content which respects copyright of authors and creators as well as site visitors and their privacy. By law, every website is required to be transparent about data handling (via a privacy policy) and state clearly which settings are in place as well as asking for explicit consent to set… Continue reading cookies & GDPR

referencing with footnotes

When writing your content, always keep your readers in mind ~ these are the people you write for, your target group and it is up to you to make your text clear and easy to understand. Your subject might involve a certain terminology, or subject-specific jargon [1] or abbreviations, for example. Consider whether certain phrases… Continue reading referencing with footnotes

adding ALT text

Images of any kind, be that illustrations, graphics or photographs, are effective additions to your content. To follow good practices for both accessibility and SEO – each image has to include the alt/alternative text.

a word on plugins

Plugins can be a very good addition to your site if set up for the right reasons. However, before you go on a virtual ‘shopping spree’ – bear in mind that they will add weight to your page load and can slow down your site substantially.

WordPress Themes – What To Avoid

When you create a new website, naturally you want it to look good. Unfortunately it can be easy to get so excited about how great your website looks, that you prioritise looking good over everything else.

safe & sound

To keep our sites safe, keep track of changes and edits to both content as well as site settings, let’s install Updraft – a plugin which will allow us to keep backups easily.