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cookie info via inspect

It’s important to know/understand where the details for our cookies ‘live’ within our browser, on our computers. Here are a few notes and screenshots to explain.

Inspect element

In order to get to the information of the cookies being set on a certain page, we can use the developer tools, built into most modern browsers.

Right-clicking on the page, or a specific element on the page, will call up the ‘Inspect’ function which will allow us to view the underlying code and various addtional specifics.

Depending on the browser or prior use, the inspector will call up an extra window pane (or window) to present the details.

Of course, this is a tool for developers primarily, but useful for us to find the cookie info ~ via the ‘Storage’ tab:

This now lists stored information and can give us insights into the specifics of the cookies set by the page we are viewing. For your projects, you will likely use a plugin which will retrieve the related details automatically, phew ;)

useful reading:

WebToffee to the rescue

Luckily, the CookiesYes plugin will make your life easier by offering a cookie scanning option. This is the final step and should be done once you are finished with the site. Once your content is all published, you’ve configured your theme as required and you’ve activated the plugins you’re using (deleting the ones you don’t) — run the cookie scanner and complete the settings for this. You should check on the categories, only keep those you need and remove the ones you don’t.

As an example ~ check out the cookie settings (link in popup) on this new website promoting the book ‘understanding well-being data’ by UoS’s own Susan Oman:

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