WP tips

help from other WP fans.

There are many tutorials out there – and this post will merely introduce you to a few to start with. It would be brilliant if you could share your findings with me so I can add them here for everyone to enjoy and learn from :)

Please note this is a post in flux, i.e. it will be updated, changed and added to as fitting.

Links to websites you may find useful

Learning WordPress & WordPress TV

The organisation behind WordPress have a lot of materials for people publishing on WordPress websites and also those working with WordPress as web designers and web developers.

Learning WordPress is a website including training courses and videos for people that would like to learn more about WordPress. A lot of this information is aimed at experienced users and developer.

WordPress TV contains presentations from WordCamps, which are conferences for people using WordPress.

How to Create a Post or Page with the WordPress Block Editor

This is a video demonstrating how to create post and pages on WordPress.

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