How do I fix my menu?

I’ve had quite a few emails about the setup of a good menu from you – so I thought I’d do a quick demo video to recap how to edit your site menus. And most important – what NOT to do :)

screenshot comparison

A few pointers on phrasing:

  • keep it simple – keep it sweet :)
  • short and succinct, ideally 1-2 words only
  • menu links should prompt your user’s click
  • links should capture the content they lead to
  • easy skim reading + understanding is vital
  • only link to content relevant to your site’s mission to keep clutter to a minimum, i.e. your privacy policy page should not feature in your menu, best to be added to the footer. It is a vital page but hardly the focus of your site’s visitors.

How to edit your site menu

Closing note:
I’m advising you against using submenus as it is not likely required for a small site such as yours. Linking to all content and posts is superfluous and counter-productive. While you might setup submenus with good intent, the resulting menu will offer too many options and instead be quite cumbersome to use. Accessibility can be an issue as well and I’d not expect any of your websites to require more than a simple menu with 3-5 links.

Remember that I should enjoy using your website, feel encouraged to explore it and read your content. Giving me a clearly worded menu which nicely introduces the topic, which makes me curious and I will want to read more :) Keep thinking of the people you are hoping to help, their frame of mind and interest and find menu link phrasing that will speak to them.

Long and wordy titles might work for post titles and headings and sub-headings, too. But your menu links should be short and to the point.

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