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When writing your content, always keep your readers in mind ~ these are the people you write for, your target group and it is up to you to make your text clear and easy to understand. Your subject might involve a certain terminology, or subject-specific jargon [1] or abbreviations, for example. Consider whether certain phrases would benefit from explanations, and offer additional information as fitting context.


Adding footnotes to your articles could be one way to offer explanations. In print, footnotes will appear at the very bottom of the page. Online, this remains the same – with the added advatange of being able to link the footnote to its text and vice versa.

Footnotes can be used for various purposes – to explain phrases, to offer links to official websites, to reference quotes, to give credit for images or other media, … etc … the list goes on.

Footnotes Made Easy plugin

how-to summary

  1. install and activate plugin: Footnotes made easy
  2. check setting for how to begin/end footnote
  3. add footnote by adding content inside double parenthesis (as per default setting) immediate after the term


WordPress is a very popular CMS [2], currently being used for about 30% of all sites online.

in editor:

  1. specialized terminology associated with a particular field or area of activity[]
  2. content management system[]

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