week 6 ~ Q&A

Please use the comments to ask your questions — we will reply as soon as we can. Depending on your queries, I might follow up on specific topics in a new post.

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I managed to get onto the VPN and access our site but earlier it froze and I lost a lot of draft content that I couldn’t save

Hi Claire…oh no…. :(
did you have a backup copy on your local computer?

ideally save as draft as soon as you set it up – then the autosave will keep some versions for you.

And Shidi – yay :)

I want to know if I want to write my own content, do I need to make sure my content is very “accurate”? For example, what I do is to motivate desk-based workers to do more sports. Do I need to make my content very professional and scientific? For example, I write some professional dietary advice (but I’m not a fitness expert, so I can only use other experts for this).

Hi Congcong,
thanks for repeating your question – will be one more people will have as well.

Your content should be accurate, in the strict sense of the word, ie be correct and truthful. It does not however need to be formal – or in any set tone of language specifically. You should focus on the people you design this site for, and what language and phrasing might suit them. Using your own words, your text should be right for its purpose.

You also mentioned paraphrasing earlier — and this would not be considered original or unique content. If your topics has to include areas that are very scientific but you are not an expert in, then it might be the wrong angle on the subject?
Personally, I don’t think any scientific article will be as motivating as one written in a more personal tone in any case.

In summary, your website’s content should be written by you, for your target group, the people you are supporting and motivating. You can quote other people (2-3 sentences are fine) and link to other websites as part of your content. But the large majority of your content has to be yours, this is the brief and its focus.

We will go through how to reference your sources and credits for images , including footnotes, next week. For now, make sure to make note of any external references you might want to include.

Hi Charinthon

about references, please see my reply above — we will go through this next week. And a reference page is a very good idea, one easy way to reference content, easy overview and not cluttering up the other content ;)

about the format of reference: this does not need to be an academic reference if there is a clear link to the website itself, more formal references would only be required for print-only references.

If I want to create the content such as how to loss weight by eat healthy food so should I record the references like link of the website to make the references pages at last? If yes, the references should be academic literatures or link of website is alright?

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