Design/build: WordPress themes

from design prototype to theme : how to get started



May 25th 2018 brought a major change in the data protection legislation in the UK. If you manage a website that deals with collecting any personal information (which is any site with so much as a contact form) – you need to learn about these changes and update your privacy policy pages accordingly. We are […]

Vanilla themes

This tutorial offers its own vanilla theme – and it is intended to be used if you want to work through the steps from design prototype to theme. However, once you have done this process – you might want to have a look at what else is out there. Warning: some of the so-called ‘starter’ […]

Start simple.

Having gotten to grips with implementing your designs via HTML and CSS and having made a start on PHP – you’re now ready to start building your own WP theme ;) This will initially feel like quite a challenge (which it is) – but you’ll soon be on your way, I’m sure. If this is […]