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from design prototype to theme : how to get started

Easy WP Guide

While there’s tons to learn to build a theme for WordPress, you’ll of course have to be familiar with using it for content publishing in the first place. This is an excellent manual, written for publishers and available to read for free online ~ well worth checking out before diving deeper into themes.

A simple, easy to read WordPress Manual

You won’t find any talk of HTML, PHP or creating WP Themes here. What you will find is a simple, easy to read WordPress manual that will guide you through the process of editing your site content.

You can read the Easy WP Guide WordPress manual online, download the free PDF, or purchase the eBook or brandable Word document. If you’re a WordPress consultant, use it to help your clients get the most out of their brand new site.

Grab a copy today and start learning!

April 5th, 2022 by prisca