Design/build: WordPress themes

from design prototype to theme : how to get started

Frequently asked questions

Depending on context, a section on FAQs is often a good addition, like on this site where I use it to collect common questions ;) While some might say that your site is failing if you need one, it is clear that as users people like the convenience.

Where do I start?

Begin with your design. Complete some prototype pages to implement your design, including all aspects such as typography, RWD and the like. Then work on building your design as WordPress theme, using your prototype as basis.

White screen of death… what do I do?

Don’t panic – go back a few steps and check at which point your page content disappears. You’ve likely broken the WP loop, or made a mistake in your PHP.

TIP: work in versions of your theme rather than keeping only one working copy. Manual duplicates will be fine to start with, then learn about versioning and incorporate that into your workflow.

How do I test my theme?

Always work on a local setup or your development server, never edit your live site if it’s already public and in view. Your theme should be active in a provisionary WP install which you can use to preview your edits.