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This module is part of the MA Digital Media & Society which is unique in offering an opportunity to develop a broad understanding of the interweaving of digital media and society from a sociological perspective.

For this module, we focus on practical skills in digital media production, squeezing in as much as we can in the following areas: creative media content; writing good copy for the web; visual design; web design (including areas such as usability and user experience design, web accessibility, content promotion). It's a tall order but the results speak for themselves.

session notes

Sessions span about 10 weeks and take form of a lecture followed by workshops. The lecture introduces subjects and techniques which then get further discussion and hands-on practice. With plenty of support in and out of the classroom, you will produce a website (using WordPress) with the focus on one specific topic and the aim to offer support and advice to your chosen target group.

to my students

After all your hard work on your site - you might want to move your lovely site away from the protective grasp of the university's VPN and into the public domain for all to enjoy. Here are a few notes to help you along :)

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